RATES: 9.00% -14.90% Interest Only

LOCATION: Nationwide (Except for Some Judicial States, Contact Us)
LOAN TO VALUE: Over 100% LTV AFTER REPAIR VALUE   Up To 70%ARV, Case By Case Up to 75%ARV
LOAN AMOUNTS: $20,000 – $20,000,000

TYPES OF PROPERTIES: Non-Owner Occupied Residential, 2-4 Units, Condo’s and town homes and entitled land that is ready to go vertical
LOAN POINTS: Depending on the Strength of the File, Location, Term.

LIEN POSITION: First, Second & Combo Loan
EVALUATION PROCESS: We walk the property and or BPO and or an Appraisal (Depends on the Deal) TYPES OF LOANS: Acquisitions, Bulk Acquisitions, Add Value, Construction Completion and Ground Up Construction, Residential Development 
LOAN TERMS: 3 to 12 months, Case By Case up to 18-24 Months

LOAN PURPOSES: Business, Construction & Investment

Profits Splits: Case By Case, Depends on many factors.

Equity Participation Loans Program

Equity Cap Fund Advisors provides equity for real estate professionals, general contractors, Developers and Fix n Flippers for opportunistic real estate situations such as:

  • Distressed Residential Bulk Purchase
  • Fix n Flips
  • Add Value Construction (Taking a 2/1 & Building it up to a 3/2)
  • Construction Completion
  • Ground Up Construction  
  • Residential Developments 

Equity Participation Bridge Loan Parameters

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