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Investing For Beginners

Equity Cap Fund Advisors is a real estate investment company that provides passive real estate investments such as  Whole and Fractional Trust Deed Investments along with Whole and Fractional Equity Participation loans.

If you are new to trust deed investing, We welcome you. Trust Deed investing is not a liquid investment. You should have the mindset of investing past the term of the intial investment. debt in the form of trust deeds and mortgages in first and second lien position to real estate professionals, Developers, land lords with large portfolios to high net worth

  • High Fixed Yield – Great return on investment with 7.99-12.99% returns, historically beating out most asset Classes.

    ·     Fixed income – A trust deed investment is considered to be a fixed income security, with fixed yields from 7.99 -12.99%

    Trust Deeds secured by tangible real property, when professionally underwritten and managed, have become a good investment alternative for the income producing portion of an investment portfolio.

    ·       Diversification – Our Trust deed investing offers many investors, especially retirees, another method of diversification to help reduce volatility in their portfolio and a way to generate passive income.

    ·     Security – trust deeds secured by California real estate

    ·     Stability – Interest remains constant throughout the term of the loan. (If borrower does not pay then the default rate kicks in.)

    ·       Predictability – Most fixed-income investments also provide a predictable stream of income. This can be an advantage for current or near retirees who seek a regular income stream that can supplement a pension and/or Social Security.

    ·       Tax Advantage – The interest income generated by some fixed income investments are tax deferred or tax exempt from federal and/or state income taxes. This includes investing your IRA or pension funds in trust deeds.

    ·     Trust Deeds have the highest return on investment with a relatively low risk.

    ·     Your Trust Deeds are secured by Equity Rich, Cash Flowing Investment Residential & Commercial Real Estate