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If you are tired of the low yields produced by bank CD's, or you are over the volatility in the stock market, and you are sick of termites, toilets and tenants and you are looking for something more predictable, then trust deed investing might be a good fit for your portfolio.

Our investor's get to invest in a tangible asset that is the cornerstone of the economy. Trust Deed investments are great for investors that are looking for low volatility with predictable income that comes from the borrowers interest payments that get disbursed to you by a major third party servicer, not us. We don't touch your monthly interest checks nor do we touch your payoff demand check. We always get a third party evaluation, unless we are local to the property. We use a major title insurance company on all of our trust deed investments, We always get title insurance. If there is construction/rehab money that goes to a third party escrow, we never touch the money.